Montebello and its hillside are extraordinary places: a location just a stone’s throw away from Urbino where you can enjoy special experiences.

At its center lies the Monastery, a historical location for Gino Girolomoni and now an accommodation facility and meeting place where cultural activities are held. Inside guests can also tour a museum of farming civilization which each year is proud to welcome many children; a little further down is the inn with the restaurant, the bedrooms for guests, a swimming pool and, a little further up, the compound of the Co-op: the offices, the warehouses, the pasta factory, the cowshed.

All around: fields that have always been farmed with a organic method and a state-owned forest of two-thousand hectares that inebriates those who walk through it with pure fresh air.

There were many hawks soaring above the Monastery in Montebello when I got there the very first time. The place tantalised me more than a beautiful woman, although it was shrouded in a veil of silence that appeared, relentless, yet reluctant to surrender to emptiness