How does Girolomoni® reach “beyond the organic”? It does so in that from the very beginning the company has been fired by an authentic love for the land and a deep respect for the people who live there, always remaining one step ahead in the choices it makes in favour of the quality of life and the environment, with a type of sustainable agriculture.
Besides practicing a method of agriculture that does not use synthesized chemical substances, on the hill of Montebello we are encouraging our employees to adopt sustainable behavior, we constantly interact with our contacts (customers, partners, suppliers, employees, media, local communities, etc.). 

We only use electrical energy from renewable sources. The energy is partly produced by ourselves through photovoltaic panels and through a wind turbine, while the rest of the energy needed is “100% clean energy provided by Dolomiti Energia” generated by the water power of the hydroelectric stations in our Dolomites. Only Italian energy with traced origin, which is guaranteed by our provider.  
We have always tried to be an important player in the local economy, which has made it possible for the agricultural, economic and cultural activities to pick up from the early 70′s, in a place that seemed fated to complete abandonment.