“For us eating does not only mean transforming and cooking food,” claims Gino Girolomoni, “It’s much more. It means friendship, brotherhood, beauty, spirituality, companionship.”

With all of this in mind, the decision to produce organically and without using synthetic chemical substances comes naturally, and this is applied at all times during the cultivation of the Girolomoni products, including the storage and processing phases. In organic agriculture, the soil is not a lifeless support, but a living organism that deserves respect. Which is why the problem of fertility is confronted only with organic manure and the problem of weeds by rotating the crops.

The harvested wheat used to produce our 100% Italian organic pasta is checked and placed in our storage silos. Before this, the silos have been cleaned and treated with a powder made of fossilised algae and silicon dioxide, which kills insects by dehydration. The product is moved and ventilated until the end of September, and its temperature constantly monitored: it so happens, in fact, that this is the time of year in which excess heat and moisture can cause the formation of molds, germination and infestations of insects, all unpleasant occurrences that can endanger proper preservation of the cereals.

The productive activity of the Co-op has always gone hand in hand with a policy of quality and research, which over the years has created that image of excellence that distinguishes its products, first marketed under the brand Alce Nero, then under Montebello® and now under Girolomoni®.