Discover how Gino Girolomoni promoted farming culture.

Our history begins in 1971 with Gino Girolomoni, young Mayor of the municipality of Isola del Piano, who starts promoting initiatives aimed at exploiting and supporting ancient farming culture: courses on organic agriculture and conventions attract intellectuals, reporters and technicians from all over Italy. These first experiences are the founding blocks for the birth, on July 13 1977, of the Agricultural Co-op Alce Nero®, whose brand is sold some 25 years later becoming Montebello®. Following the death of its founder in March 2012, the Mutual Company changes its name to Gino Girolomoni Agricultural Co-op®.

With its thirty shareholders and fifty employees and with it’s more than 12 million euros of turnover (in 2017), the Mutual Company Gino Girolomoni® has substantially contributed to develop organic farming in Italy.

The intense work commenced by Gino Girolomoni with the Co-op contributed substantially in staunching the flight from the countryside and in driving farmers to resume their labor, returning to dwell in their old homes that had been by now abandoned. In 1979, in a short time span, many local youngsters had access to new work opportunities, giving new nourishment to the local economy.