A grand project finally comes to life.
After many years of patience and extensive research, on 18 June 2018, work finally began on building the mill, in a project expected to be completed by 2019.

By making this considerable investment, we believe that we are assigning value to our local farmers and the organic agriculture that takes place in the Italian countryside, dedicating it the respect it deserves.

" Pierfrancesco Fattori, Partner and Director tells us the motivations. "

We will be the first Italian organic pasta factory to bring the agricultural chain full circle, from seed to table. Indeed, this new exciting development will provide a further guarantee of our work and ensure the consumer’s health, safety and satisfaction.

After spending forty years in the fields learning how to make excellent pasta, we are now taking on a new challenge, the art of milling

The Art of Milling, a question put to the future miller of Girolomoni

The building will be constructed with maximum focus on minimising its environmental impact. It will feature a glass lift affording a view of San Marino and inside it will also contain a stone mill, used to make a number of special types of flour and semolina.

The investment was supported by the RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 2014-2020 – SUBMEASURE 4.2
“Support for investment in the processing/marketing and/or development of agricultural products” in the context of Integrated Projects in the Agricultural and Food Industry.

Watch the works with us!