Discover the biography of Gino Girolomoni: learn about the man himself and his story in the world of organics and food products

Gino Girolomoni was born into a farmers’ family on August 13, 1946 in Isola del Piano (PU). While yet only a child, he loses his mother and is soon forced to take care of his father, a man with poor health. He becomes accustomed to the poverty, solitude and hardship of the countryside, but also comes into contact with the values of farming culture which will forever remain sculpted in his heart.

After a short stay in Switzerland, in 1971 Gino seeks a profession in public affairs and soon becomes Mayor of the small town of Isola del Piano. His goal from the very beginning is not only to restore the ruins of the Monastery of Montebello, which as a child he could see from his home atop the hills, but also to re-propose in a new vest the social and cultural conditions of farming civilization that were being abandoned by everyone to escape to the city and factories.

In the meantime he had met Tullia, who with a daring spirit followed him in his adventures; they married, had three children and soon went to live in the first renovated parts of the monastery. Their home was like a port at sea, the people whom Gino and Tullia welcomed at their dining table in those years were many: young ones out on a search, people just passing through. Gino has a special knack for weaving public relations, also with persons of a certain stature: in those years, he comes into contact with intellectuals like Sergio Quinzio, Guido Ceronetti, Paolo Volponi, Carlo Bo.
On July 13 1977, together with Tullia, two old farmers and five young lads of the town, he founds the mutual company Alce Nero. Work grows fast and with it the volume of sales. Girolomoni thus becomes an entrepreneur, no question to it, but his remaining faithful to a poetic-religious vocation will help him more and more (and his thick beard will also contribute its share) to appear as the “prophet of organic food”.

The intense work commenced by Gino Girolomoni with the Co-op in the small territory of Isola del Piano contributed substantially in staunching the flight from the countryside and in driving farmers to resume their labor, returning to dwell in their old homes that had been by now abandoned. In a short time span, many local youngsters thus had access to new work opportunities, giving new nourishment to the local economy.